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LB2A Vientaine- Vangvieng-Luangprabang 4days 3nights start from the Airport Luangprabang – royal palace- kwangsri waterfall- thamting cave- sanghai village- watchiangthong temple- wichunrach temple- prathatphusri- Vangvieng-prathatluang-pratuxai-Vientaine

DAY1 Luangprabang- royal palace- watmai temple- watchiangthong temple- watwichunrach temple-prathatphusri
12:05pm: arrive at Luangprabang airport and the have lunch 1st meal after the meal we move to the town Luanprabang city in now a day this city is UNESCO cultural world heritage. And during the journey you will see the beautiful of nature at Phookhoon view point then visit king SrisavangVong monument the person who gives the constitution to Lao citizens
13:00pm:bring you to  Royal Palace the place that used to be accommodation of king SrisavangVong. And next go to watwichunrach temple then go prathat phusri at the top of this place you will see the beautiful view of Luangprabang
18:00pm: have dinner 2nd meal
19:00pm: check in at hotel

DAY2 takbat kaoneaw- morning market- sanghai village- thamting cave- kwangsri waterfall-watsansukharam temple-prathat phonpao- phanam village- praputthabat
05:30am: Early morning bring you to make merit by offering sticky rice to 100 of Buddhist monk.Then move to Sukharam Temple next go to Morning Market that you can see how the Lao people survive in Luanprabang and then we bring you to Pasaneyoum coffee shop, the recommend coffee shop of Luanprabang (3rd meal)
07:30am: then bring you to sanghai village and sailing boat through Khon River seeing the beautiful of nature go to thamting the place with many Buddha statues and next we go to see beautiful 5 floor pagoda at Prathat phonpao and next go to Phanomvillage the weaving village.
12:00pm: have lunch 4th meal bring you to Kwangsri Waterfall, Kwangsri word mean youngdeer and this waterfall is 70 meter high and highlight of this place is you can take picture with beautiful kwangsri background. Then go to Praputthabat
19:00pm: have dinner 5th meal and bring you to Night Market at Luangprabang

DAY3 Vangvieng –thamchang cave
07:00am: departure from Luangprabang have breakfast 6th meal at kiwkrajam village
12:00pm: have lunch 7th meal
13:00pm: continue travel to Vangvieng
16:00pm: bring you thamchang cave the cave with stalactite on the way to ThamChang you can take the picture with orange bridge and beautiful view of nature
17:30pm: visit the old airport that used to work for war period of Laos
19:00pm: have dinner 8th meal then go to walking street

DAY4 Vientaine -prathatLuang – pratuxai –Vangvieng
06:30am: have breakfast
09:30am: travel to Vientaine
12:00pm: have lunch 10th meal
13:00pm: Visiting Pratuxai the victory symbol of Lao then go to king Sai Setthathirath monument and move to Phrathat Luang
16:35pm: arrive at Vientaine airport
18:35pm: go to Bangkok
19:40pm: arrive at Bangkok

This rate include
1. Airlines ticket (round trip ticket)
2. Accommodation
3. Food
4. Tickets
5. Guide tour and Boat tickets
6. Insurance
7. Tax of Thai airport and Laos airport

This rate is not include

  1. Other expends of the above
  2. Stay one person have to pay more
  3. Visa for foreigner
  4. Tip for guide and driver 

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Tour & Seat reservation
Choose the program that you would like to travel, then calling for reserve

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  2. Pay deposit

By following list of Bank Account (Choose some Bank)
 -Krungthai Bank(KTB), account name Mr.yongyooth  Hincharoen, account number 701-0-00166-9, Nakhonprathom branch.
-Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), account name Mr.YongYooth  Hincharoen, account number 045-4-54633-1,Thai Red cross society Bangkok branch
-Krungsri Bank,account name Mr.YongYooth  Hincharoen, account name 394-1-11354-5, Borommaratchachonnani Bangkok branch                                         

After pay the deposit please copy slip write your name and telephone nember, then Fax slip (Fax Number: 028139227)or

Important Information should write in email and Fax

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  2. Program Tour package
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